1980 - 2019, now closed. 

The content of our gym store is now for sale, see below.

Formerly provided Gymnastics based physical education for pre-school and school age children at our facility within the grounds of Altwood School, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 4PY.



The entire contents of our gymnastics store, AS ONE LOT, is available for the highest offer I receive UNDER £10,000.00, by the 31st July 2019. The equipment is well used, but still serviceable. Please see the attached pictures and if you are genuinely interested call me, any day between 6 and 8 pm, for full details of all the items and to register your offer.

Julian Serwinowski


At the end of April I was fortunate to have an offer from a professional man in his early 50’s who is married with a large family and whose wife owns and runs a school. He also had the support of a professional gymnastics coach who runs a very successful club, with over 600 members, in south Buckinghamshire and lives near our facility. They met with my coaching team and were offered their full support, with a view to classes recommencing at the beginning of May. The plan was for the classes to continue, at least initially, as before in terms of class time and format. As time was of the essence, in order to retain as many of my existing clients as possible, I submitted the proposal to the Boyne Hill Altwood Scout Group (BHA), who have provided our facility for the past 36 years. I pointed out that BHA’s income from the activity would increase by 20% over the first year and by at least 40% from the second year onward, above the current rates, and that I would be overseeing the first year of operation to ensure its success, after which BHA would enter into a direct relationship with the new principal of Maidenhead Gymnastics Club & Gymtots. This was a win-win deal for everyone concerned. Imagine my astonishment, the proposal was rejected by the Chairman of BHA – Mr Stuart Webb, who appeared to have been given carte blanche to determine the matter. He asserted that the hours of our activity, which have remained unchanged for the past 23 years, and with which there have never been issues, were no longer acceptable, nor were the current financial arrangements. Despite a further appeal to the BHA secretary for a consideration by the group as a whole, I have been stonewalled, and the offer has had to be withdrawn.

The opportunity to provide a successful outcome for all concerned, particularly for more than 250 of my gymnasts, their parents and my coaching team, has been lost. This is wholly due to Stuart Webb’s mean spirited self-righteousness and gross incompetence. Undoubtedly, he is the worst chairman BHA has had in the 36 years of my relationship with them. I do not propose to address his disparagement of my honesty and integrity in this matter, but I invite anyone who is interested to request a complete record of our exchange of correspondence and a transcript of our telephone conversations, so that you can fully appreciate the context of this reply. If I described Stuart Webb as stupid, I would clearly be paying him a compliment he does not deserve. I expect that the wider membership of BHA will hold him to account in due course, particularly over their diminished income.

Julian Serwinowski

11th May 2019

Following my immediate retirement for medical reasons, I am seeking a suitably qualified person/s to take over gymnastics activities for pre-school and school-age children at the Altwood Scout HQ. An all-inclusive package is available for the first year, comprising all the equipment and rental of the facility, including utilities (heating & lighting, etc.) for the following days and hours. Wednesday, 07:00 to 18:45; Thursday 07:00 to 22:00; Friday 07:00 to 18:45; Saturday 07:00 to 17:30. Please call me for further details on 07 957 223 124, if you have a SERIOUS interest in taking advantage of this opportunity.

Julian Serwinowski

Call or Text

07 957 223 124

any evening, after 6:00 pm, for further details of the equipment sale.